5 Quick Tips to Make Your Drivers Cab Ready for CVSA Roadcheck 2018

Mark Schedler

In 2017, almost 1 in 5 roadside inspections resulted in an out-of-service order and nearly 60% of inspections had violations. While drivers are on the front lines of CVSA Roadcheck 2018, preparing them is a back-office responsibility.  And the company has a lot at stake.  Do you know how driver violations are impacting your business? Take a moment to consider the following:

  • What is your out-of-service rate compared to competitors?
  • How much are violations costing you per year?
  • What could you have done with money used to pay violations?
  • Are you focusing on high severity-weight violations and high frequency items that may have a much lower severity-weight and less impact if the problem were eliminated?
  • How many violations could have been reduced or eliminated with proper use of electronic logs and thorough auditing of records of duty status?
  • What new violations are you receiving because your team isn’t properly prepared for roadside inspections in the age of electronic logging?

Roadside inspection results impact fleets tremendously. Violations negatively impact your CSA scores and could increase your chance of an audit. Clean scores validate your safety program and keep drivers and operations moving efficiently, positively impacting your bottom line.

If your fleet struggled during Roadcheck last year, use these 5 tips as a starting point when preparing your drivers for this year’s CVSA Roadcheck:

  1. Train new hires and provide annual refresher training to existing drivers regarding Hours of Service regulations and electronic logging requirements.
  2. Ensure drivers conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection
  3. Ensure all in-cab documentation is in place
  4. Make sure the cab is clean
  5. Coach drivers to remain calm, be respectful and ask the officer to explain any violation(s). If the driver is unclear regarding a mechanical issue, they should request that the officer point out the defect.

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